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Re: kendo, Iaido and aikido

Edward Karaa wrote: View Post
As for me I quickly lost interest in Kendo as I found out it wouldn't be possible to study kata until a later stage (my main reason for joining in the first place), every body seemed very centered on competitions so I just quit.
what school did you go to? kendo kata and competitive kendo is almost always taught side by side. Also what you may have been looking for is Iaido or battojutsu which is only kata's and no competition. Kendo in itself is not a real martial tradition its more like a training regimen because during the shogunate swordsmanship was becoming too fanciful and it needed a down to earth training and conditioning system.
Mike Haft wrote: View Post
The other thing is. How many times at kendo or iaido have you had someone grab your keikogi and pull you around like that. The himo just don't last that sort of punishment, they tend to get ripped off. In aikido people will be holding onto you and tugging the keikogi a lot and kendogi are just not made to absorb that sort of punishment.
I didn't consider that, thanks
You guys should make a sticky for beginners with info like this. It's nice to be able to know something prior to entering the dojo and having that awkward phase were the sensei has to explain every little detail.
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