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Re: kendo, Iaido and aikido

Well, I did Kendo for a few months and did find it full of illogical moves as well. First the stance is directed forward with the back foot positioned at an awkward angle which makes it very difficult to face several opponents. Second, they attack like crazy and in a very violent and aggressive way. Third, after they strike (hit or miss) they keep on trotting like a horse for a few meters which I found kind of strange.

Just trying to make a point here. Do not look at a martial art with the eyes of another. Each has its own perspective. As for me I quickly lost interest in Kendo as I found out it wouldn't be possible to study kata until a later stage (my main reason for joining in the first place), every body seemed very centered on competitions so I just quit.

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When my friend who was taking kendo took a look at our aiki ken, he had the same comments: full of openings and "illogical" moves that make sense only if you are trying to develop an analogous move for taijutsu. and certainly none of us had the sheer speed that he had developed.
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