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Re: Seminars

Not to sound contrary but during my 8+ years in Korea, every year we would participate in Kobayashi Dojos Annual Gasshuku as well as Igarashi Dojos Gasshuku in Japan. Kobayashi Yasuo Shihan and Igarashi Kazuo Shihan both run their Gasshukus in "off-site" or vacation locales. Kobayashi Dojos Gasshuku is over a Japanese 3-day holiday which nicely coincides with the US Labor day weekend, and Igarashi Dojos holds its Gasshuku in June. Since Igarashi is one of Kobayashi's most senior students he participates in Kobayashi Dojos Gasshuku and Kobayashi participates in his. Both have multiple training areas with classes segregated by rank. Very intimate, very fun, very good. Maybe it is a model to be emulated?

regards, joe
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