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Re: Shioda Gozo Technique

im wondering where can i find some of this resources such as Books,websites about Kancho autobiography and Kihon - by the way is Kihon Dosa/waza exercise related to aiki-taiso??
Aiki Taiso is just calisthenics / warm up movements prior to a GOOD DOJO BRAWL (TM) aka Randori/Jiyu-waza whateveryoucallit. Kihon Dosa is a specific set of exercise to help Noobs/also Old practitioners to learn about body movement and balance.

I find the best resourse from the book Aikido Shugyo and of course the countless hours in a Yoshinkan Dojo. But to me, it is not a book that you will understand thoroughly unless you have a few years of practice at a Yoshinkan Dojo. What I am saying is that it is not a beginner's HOW TO book. The books tell about Kancho's life experience and it is very conceptual. You simply need the basic experience to enjoy his book. But once you grasp it, it will take your aikido to the next level.


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