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Re: Shioda Gozo Technique

i found some of you rply interesing such as from xuzen:

The technique is explained by Kancho himself in his autobiography "Aikido Shugyo".
I learn about power generation from the doing the Kihon Dosa exercise. I learn about generating power from doing the suwari waza version of kihon waza
im wondering where can i find some of this resources such as Books,websites about Kancho autobiography and Kihon - by the way is Kihon Dosa/waza exercise related to aiki-taiso??

Dieter Haffner wrote:
This is my favorite movie from Shioda Gozo.
You can see a slow motion of technique you mentioned.
I specially like the second part of the movie.
i check out this link you gave me it was cool seeing the technique in slow-mo, i also seen O'sensei bounce people with his hips...those technique of bouncing Uke do may be different moves (Shioda/O'sensei)but same in Applied principles. im realy having great interest learning this principles. Maybe some decades from know i can pull it off my self. hehehe .
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