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Re: Atemi waza: good or bad for Aikido?

Every Aikido technique has Atemi hidden in the technique. I think that we need to know where they are in each technique. I believe there is a time and place for Atemi.

If you are in a bar and some drunk guy messes with you, you probably are not going to use atemi. We call this the "drunken uncle" situation. You want to get the guy to stop bothering you but don't want to hurt him.

Then there is the situation where someone is threating you or a love one with body harm or if someone has a weapon. That when I feel the loving/peaceful part of our art takes a back seat and the Martial part comes out. I am going to use everything necessary to protect me and my love one and that is where atemi in crucial.

My Sensei always says that "this is still a Budo" and we have to train to know both sides of it.

Just my opinion
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