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Greg Jennings
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Re: I Am Interested In Aikido

Originally posted by JIM ANGE
What organization/style would complimetn Judo and fulfill my spritual desire?
This comes up periodically for discussion.

The bottom line is that it's the dojo/instructor, not the organization.

Your best recourse is to make a list of the dojo within commuting range and go visit them all.

The AikiWeb dojo finder is the best place to start. Do some other internet searching and check your yellow pages.

Train with them if you can, observe if you can't. Talk to the instructor and some of the senior students.

Based on your own personal criteria,
"down select" to a short list and repeat.

Pick a dojo/instructor/senior students that you can commit to for the long haul. Aikido is a long-term proposition; the learning curve is wicked.

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Greg Jennings
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