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Aran Bright
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Re: Aikido for Drug/alcohol Rehab

David Wilson wrote: View Post
Hello Aran,

Philip Huang Sensei has worked extensively in the health education and HIV prevention field, as a counselor, teacher, and group facilitator for teens, gay men, sex workers, and immigrants.

He runs a dojo in Berkeley. He is a wonderful person and his contact information can be located at:

Amos Hee just recently left a position with The Byron Bay, New South Wales Australia organization known as INTRA
(Insight Network Treatment Axis), a community outreach program
offering preventive relapse support and services for people with
drug and/or alcohol problems. Amos is an aikido dan who once operated his own dojo.

I no longer have his email address but his personal website is:

Amos has also published. You might find his writings through google.

Hope that helps.

Thanks you David, I'll get in touch shortly

Brisbane Aikido Republic
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