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Re: Atemi waza: good or bad for Aikido?

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We all have at one time read/hard the quote from O'Sensei: "Aikido is 90% atemi..." or some other variant/percentage thereof.

Question: what role do you think atemi waza plays in "modern" Aikido? Does it have a place, should it have a place, etc. If so, what sort of atemi waza would best fit modern Aikido?

I'm not trying to "stir the pot" or provoke responses via a rhetorical question...I'm genuinely curious as to others' opinions & experiences.

On a personal note: currently I am taking an 8-week "crash course" in Kajukenbo, specifically the Chu'an Fa variant, which heavily emphasizes strikes. It has given me much reflection lately.

There is no Aikido without Atemi. that is of course if you practice Aikido as a Martial Art.

In our Aikido we even have an Atemi and Kicking Kata and you don't progress that far without it.

Some our Senior Yudansha like Tanaka Shihan even have thick calluses and knuckles, due to thier constant practice similiar to what you would see on most Karate Yudansha.

William Hazen

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