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I am very interested in Aikido, but confused on where to begin. I am located in Detroit area and am a BrownBelt in Judo.
Welcome to your journey in aikido, I'm sure you will enjoy it. The first place I would start, would be the Dojo Search right here on AikiWeb. Then go check out a couple of the dojos close to your home, and see if they fit what your looking for.

What organization/style would complimetn Judo and fulfill my spritual desire?
Not sure, I'm fairly new to aikido myself. I have heard that aiki jujutsu is more judo-like than say aikikai aikido (what is practiced at hombu dojo). There are a number of people in these forums that can give you a better answer, however. As for the spiritual, I'm not sure if I believe that is dependant upon the style you practice, but more upon the individual.

I hope you find what you are looking for and BTW Welcome to the forums!


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