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Tom Fish
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Re: Internal strength in bowling, fencing, golf, etc.

Hi Justin,
I think it would help people respond to you questions better if they understood how to frame their response in a way that you may better understand it. For instance, if someone was explaining to me a way to establish a ground path and they stated it as "Let your weight from the crotch area Be in his hands", I would understand this explanation and find it helpful. (This has actually happened) If someone without the capability or capacity to understand this was told this same thing, they may think this is a ludicous explanation. They may not understand it and they might use this explanation inadvertently to display their ignorance.(This has also really happened) Anyway, if someone is truly seeking understanding, it would be beneficial to those wishing to help, if some level or degree of ability was established. The answers could then be framed to best provide the information. Other wise, there is just this established level of futility that remains.
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