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Re: Ki/ Chi ... tone of writing?

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
Sorry guys and girls if you got the impression of my tone of writing being overbearing?

Bruce, I'd intended just to ignore you, but in later posts, I see that you toned down somewhat. I think we have some common ground for discussion, but you must understand that you are at best amongst peers and at worst, a relative beginner, speaking in a forum in which there are folks who have as much time on the mat as you have lived.

I know you believe you've found the secret of the ages, but you must understand also, some of us have explored the very avenue you are now and we've found it lacking.

If you want to learn more about Dillman and his art than you probably ever wanted to know, go visit (another martial arts forum, similar to this one, where you'll find the likes of Meik Skoss, Dave Lowry, Ellis Amdur and others of unquestionable credential and impeccable research. There's a lot of info there on many sujects, but I'd advise you to read deeply first, then post carefully. Those folks aren't quite as 'aiki' and gentle as people here.

I have a variety of pains, noises from tinitus, and constant depression of Meniere's disease to deal with while I try to live a

I feel your pain, man. I truly do. I was diagnosed with Meniere's several years ago myself. It is now controlled largely by diet (I restrict caffeine and chocolate, use very little salt and abstain from aspartame altogether).

I don't know how severe your case is, but I know about the tinnitus (I use a noise machine at night to help mask it so I can sleep), I know about the vertigo (my doc said that I shouldn't be standing much less able to walk a straight line and do budo). I know about the disease.

It is no excuse for abrasive behavior.

And I do, in large part, lead a pretty ordinary life. I go to work, I go to the dojo, I enjoy myself and take care of my family. I hike and bicycle and train hard. I refuse to let the condition control me ...

If you study any ... ANY martial arts, it is your obligation to explore the possibilities of other arts and their defense/offensive capabilities even if you do not incorporate them into your art.

I cannot disagree with that statement. If you've paid attention, you should have seen folks here who have years of experience in other martial arts. While there are some younger folks here, some beginners, there are others who have, indeed, been around the budo block a few times.

My own martial resume includes a fair amount of time spent in karate (Okinawan and Japanese branches), Escrima, Tang Soo Do, etc, etc. I've spent 27 years on the mat, and have done my research off the mat as well.

You came across as a dispenser of great wisdom and discounted with very little apparent consideration the thoughts and statements of other folks here -- and that, without knowing really to whom you were speaking.

Hold your beliefs if you will, be prepared to discuss them openly and frankly, but do so with respect and the ability to see beyond the world you know and are comfortable in.

If you find explanations for techniques and logical, scientific explanation that applies more than 99% of the time, I would say that the technique and its use if valid, wouldn't you?

I suppose we must define 'scientific' ... from much of the presure point research that _I_ have seen, there's little actual scientific evidence to support the claims some folks are making.

FYI ... my interest in MA was never to become a master, or a black belt. It was to

Nor mine, once I got past about age 22 or so. I realized that the goal was nothing at all, but the journey was everything.

I am sorry if hurt anyones pride or feelings, but I think we could have a better

Bruce, I doubt seriously that you hurt anyone's feelings or pride. You irritated some folks, but that's a long shake from hurting feelings ...

Aikido community that won't get left behind if we study what Georger Dillman, and Jwing Ming Yang's YMAA is doing? If explains a lot of the mystery of what O'Sensei was doing.

All in its own time and place. If you want to study Dillman's method, fine. Do so. But don't expect folks to whom their aikido is as mysterious, magical and enlightening to agree with statements that their teachers and their teachers' teachers are wrong -- and that, Bruce, is in fact what you have been saying.

Did you ever see the picture of O'Sensei with his hands outstretch to a large tree? What was he doing? It was a Ki exercise ... Hint, hint!

Okay, I'll bite. Hint, hint, what? I've done aiki taiso and ki exercises for years and have trained many times with some very good Ki Society folks. Everything is a ki exercise if you do it correctly ...

How about we just read this and laugh a bit?

Fine by me. But I would advise you, as you have enjoined us -- Do your research. Don't take everything that's handed to you at face value. Talk to folks who've done aikido for decades and decades and who have also cross-trained. Talk to folks who have been behind the alleged 'bamboo curtain' and back.

There's lots of great info and really deep, truly scientific, knowledgeable, academic research available. Go find it and then we can discuss your belief system and how it interrelates with your aikido training.

Best to you and a blessing and prayer for your condition.


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