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Re: Shioda Gozo Technique

Rommel Espaņol wrote: View Post
I have seen this technique from Shioda Gozo in YouTube

the technique is more or less in the middle of this video.

it is when the Uke push Nage(Shioda sensei), but as the Uke touches the Nage, the Nage push his body forward into the Uke without touching him with his hand, then the Uke fall back.

i have seen this technique from O'sensei videos as well but not from his other students(maybe not yet).Not even in our Dojo do i have seen this technique.

Do anyone knows the name of this technique,and how it is done??
I belive this is an irimi but i have never seen an Irimi that go strait head-on with the attacker.

thank you in advance.
The technique is explained by Kancho himself in his autobiography "Aikido Shugyo". I have the book, I will need to copy out that chapter. Give me some time.

IMO, it is quite a difficult technique to perform... relying 100% on timing more than anything. Seeing how it is a low percentage technique, I would not spend the time to learn it.

That technique is not even in the standard Yoshinkan syllabus.

Don't have to think too much about that technique. Good for showmanship, bad as an executable technique.


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