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Bruce Baker
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Ki/ Chi ... tone of writing?

Sorry guys and girls if you got the impression of my tone of writing being overbearing?

I have a variety of pains, noises from tinitus, and constant depression of Meniere's disease to deal with while I try to live a normal life, so excuse me if my writing is a bit terse? Please, please, please .....

Look at it like this. Try turning up the television full blast, the radio full blast, with a hangover, and tell me if you can write anything after four or five days of noise and pain like a hangover? No pity ... just something that I have to deal with ... even in Aikido practice.

Sometimes I think it would be easier to do Aikido with only one arm and one leg? Just a thought ... no implications intended?

Clarification of "get with the program."

If you study any ... ANY martial arts, it is your obligation to explore the possibilities of other arts and their defense/offensive capabilities even if you do not incorporate them into your art.

If you do not believe this to be true in your life long pursuit, then at least consider the world to be a big place with many interesting things to be seen and learned? That is all I wish you to see?

If you find explanations for techniques and logical, scientific explanation that applies more than 99% of the time, I would say that the technique and its use if valid, wouldn't you?

FYI ... my interest in MA was never to become a master, or a black belt. It was to understand the mystery, the secrets of its magic in a clear scientific manner while keeping them in my back pocket for a rainy day? The Meniere's doesn't help either, but somehow I haven't hurt or damaged anyone in practice?

I am sorry if hurt anyones pride or feelings, but I think we could have a better Aikido community that won't get left behind if we study what Georger Dillman, and Jwing Ming Yang's YMAA is doing? If explains a lot of the mystery of what O'Sensei was doing.

Did you ever see the picture of O'Sensei with his hands outstretch to a large tree? What was he doing? It was a Ki exercise ... Hint, hint!

How about we just read this and laugh a bit?
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