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Bruce Baker
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Women's polarity/Ki/chi

I got sucked into looking for the meaning of moves in kata, then pressure points, then ki/chi flow at a George Dillman Seminar. Once this theorey was put forth, I started to find books and other resources that vaguely comfirmed much of what George was giving at this seminar three years ago.

Then, two years ago, I heard about two different machines being used to diagnose the body ailments with magnetic resonance waves, kind of like the metal detector at the airport but more suffisticated. Not long afterwards, I attend another Dillman seminar and he annouces the polarity of men and women being confirmed by an accupoint doctor using one of these machines at his study camp.

The body is divided into positive and negative sections, looking down from overhead in an X, and down the front center/down the ear making four sections of energy.

Positive, Negative, Positive, Negative. For a man it would be right front, right rear, left rear, left front.

Negative, Positive, Negative, Positive. For a woman it would be the same, start in with negative right front, positive right rear, negative left rear, positive left front.

The implications of positve and negative exchanges of energy, of positive resistence of energy are staggering!

For instance, the right hand of a man is positive open, in a fist negative. The right hand of a woman is negative open while positive in a fist. Looking at the striking points of the body that either positive or negatively charged, correct striking with opposite polarity charges make that spark of pain, while the same charges merely are gentle pushes.

There are many, many more prinicples to be learned to start to understand the effectiveness of polarity and chi/Ki flow. They can be found in Dr. Jwing-ming Yangs books of Chin-Na, and some other Chi healing books, but when I saw the same pressure point areas being used for knock outs that we have in Aikido techniques we already use! I got hooked.

These machines that measure polarity and intensity are like having the first machines that mearsure electricity, volts/ amps/ ohms.

Don't deviate from your practice, but check out some of the ways polarity changes make that little spark come out, and increase your effectiveness. Some times it is just opening an hand, or raising a toe, a heel, or a foot, but it will change the effectiveness of pain on your uke.

Bottom line. Either train only with women, or find another way to make it work? This is one way.

I guess I should get some of the source materials out of my books? Next post.
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