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Re: Changing Schools/ "styles"

O.K. all spoke with the asst. instructor and sat in on his class. Was what appeared to me a beginner class of one white belt two blue and a dishevelled(sp) brown. I spoke at length with the instructor and was pleased with his responses. Numerous people I have spoken with cast off Nihon Goshin as a farce and I was ready to hear that once I began speaking with him (it never happened). I will be returning to observe and possibly join in one of the advanced classes before I make my decision and I was also surprised to find that they share the mat times with a Tenshin affiliated school as well.

Im not sure how they manage that but I figure I might as well sit in on their class and speak with that instructor as well. So far though I am more than happy with the responses that I have gotten here and at the school I have visited. Will keep all posted.

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