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Re: The internal 'how to' thread... let's hope

The Hiden martial arts journal issue 2007/6 is titled "what is Ki?" and proceeds to give examples of all kinds of ancillary ki using some well-known Japanese exhibitionists. To save the journal, there are two (!) pages featuring Kuroda Tetsuzan and one of his workshops. For those who know anything at all about the core needed to do anything with "ki", the entire issue is a bit of a laugh, covering the necessary basic information with a thick gooey layer of impenetrable hand-waving. There are all manner of diagrams, showing swirls of energy, the power of the eyes, circular motions, but nothing concrete that would help anyone to learn how to start doing anything along lines that would prove fruitful in the future. The whole thing is cloaked in mystery for public consumption, and perhaps that is how it should be with anything about these skills that is really easily publicly available...?

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