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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

[quote=Chris Birke;172062]You don't sound like you misread Don, or do not understand what guard and mount are.

Guard: One person is in a defensive position on their back or side with their legs between them and their opponent.

The person on their guard can submit or deploy limited striking from the bottom.

The person IN the guard of their opponent can strike fairly well, or go for leg submissions. (GSP was talking about striking from within the opponents guard...)

Don was referring to mount, however.

Mount: Having passed the guard (legs) so that you now control your opponents hips by sitting, or kneeling on them. A person who's hips are controlled cannot marshal the power or reach to strike someone above them effectively. In a one on one situation, a sitting mount provides optimal control - you see this in MMA. In a scenario where multiple attackers are possible a knee across the belly mount is employed (you see this a lot on "Cops") - it provides greater mobility and visibility. You do not see it in mma because control is proffered in 1 on 1.

It is also, however, heavily used as a transition move in bjj, or simply because it's fun to squish white belts with...

GSP does not advocate striking from underneath the mount. He advocates squirming.["/QUOTE]

Fun to squish white belts eh, I could stop right there, that tells me everything I need to know about you. GSP was on the bottom, on his back, with Dave between his legs on top of him. I guess I just hallucinated what I heard him say from that position in that documentary if I have an expert such as yourself contradicting it

"Reductio ad absurdum:
Your self defense system is laughable. I have discovered that having an armed posse trumps any sort of personal self defense technique. It has been demonstrated countless times in history. At my school we train how to be nice to others, win friends, and influence people such that you might muster a posse at all times. We also study the market, such that one might afford arms for their posse. It's the only best way you can really be safe.

The US army has taken this to heart, forming massive possies(sp?) for war making purposes.

To not train in the methods of posse forming simply because you don't care/think it's impossible/unimportant to make friends who will stand around you all the time is really foolish and short sighted. You're probably already dead!"

If you can't defend yourself against more than one person you just plain suck. I was able to do that before having trained in any martial art. LOL, you learn how to make friends and play the stock market! Better places than a dojo to learn that! A posse? So you either think you are a cowboy from the 1800's or you are really into "urban culture", either way something is not right with you.
Oh yes the U.S. army were so effective in the middle east after freedom fighters did not put up any resistance due to a technological disadvantage, but yet young american soldiers are getting sent home in bags every day of the week, just like in nam. What a victory! That is why they are about to pull out without having stabilized the area.
If you are depending on others risking their lives for you, you don't know human nature. If you are lucky you can count those willing to do this for you on one hand. Why bother learning how to defend yourself unless at all? That is what the cops are for. Oh right, they always show up once it is too late or they are the ones you have to defend yourself against, even though you have done nothing illegal, due to their widespread incompetence and unwarranted aggressiveness. As far as being impresssed by police and soldier's martial skills, it is good thing for them that they usually outnumber their enemies who are usually weaker from malnourishment, drugs, pshychiatric disorder, unarmed or more poorly armed, offensively unskilled, untrained and ignorant of how to defend themselves.

Where was this boy's posse?

Ahhh, the problem with internet forums v.s. real life is you have to point out how absurd someone is in writing as opposed to the quicker and more efficient manner of physically demonstrating it.

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