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Re: Women in Aikido

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
Just a note.

Women and Men have different polarities within the body that sometimes make crosstraining with women to men difficult, giving techniques a different feel when done, woman to woman, or man to man.

There is clinical evidence, and testing being done in the field of polarity in the human body as it relates to KI/chi, and its effectiveness in Martial arts techniques.

So this means, your teachers should be looking into modifying the techniques for changing Ki in certain situations, or women should train with women to feel the same effect as men training with men.

Its interesting that you make this post Bruce. I have had the privilege of training with male and female aikidoka at yudansha levels that were very capable, I've always felt that their aikido seemed different. I cant quite put my finger on it

It just seems that the way they generate the power and project ki for techniques seems different . IT wasnt any more or less powerful, just different.

To me the ki and power seemed to be more "subtle" for women aikidoka whereas with male aikidoka, the power and ki was more (for want of a better turn of phrase - apologies if this offends) "in your face".

ITs just, that when training with male aikidoka, I was able to anticipate when the locks and throws were coming. For women aikidoka, I was taken by surprise more often and had the "wow where did that come from" feeling. Maybe this accounts for the "ouch" factor.

Anyway, Bruce, your post is very interesting and I hope that you can keep this forum informed of any new developments.

Happy training

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