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Re: MMA as catalyst for change in Aikido?

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5th Kyu grade

This is the key difference between Aikido and other martial arts: in Aikido there is no competition between practitioners.
Perhaps Aikido realizes the real competition is within yourself?

Instead of fighting to develop skill, the person who is to be thrown (called the Uke) submits her body to the person who is to practice the throw (called the Nage).

Although initially the Uke attacks the Nage, it is with full knowledge that the attack will fail and result in their being thrown. This is the method of training: the Uke submits her body to the Nage for four throws and then they swap over. This continues until Sensei (the instructor) calls a break for a demonstration with a chosen Uke.

The result of this is that during training each practitioner is required to submit to many techniques and endure any pain and consequent aggressive feelings which might arise. It is indicated that this continuous submission in the face of pain builds spirit. In actual fact the student is being trained to submitto control in spite of any emotional, physical or psychological pain they experience.

This has no parallel in other, competitive martial arts as a key point is usually preventing the oppponent from controlling and causing pain, either by a block, evasion or counter-strike.
That is entirely false. In fact, any partner drill with some parameters in any martial art can be said to have a Uke and a Nage.

I wonder if he would say the Tokyo Riot Police are in a state of hypnosis?

Fun read!


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