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Paul Sanderson-Cimino
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Re: very interesting thus far!

William Hazen wrote: View Post
Then you need to keep looking. The emperical problem you refer to is based on a lack of knowledge and experiance. Despite numerous attempts by well meaning posters here to help you and tons of information availible about Aikido you are still unable to reach a conclusion?

Let's cut to the chase young man. What is your real motive?

William Hazen

PS. Yes 60+ years. There is film footage and print media of O'Sensei availible that dates back to the 1930s! Before he "started" Aikido. LOL
I will continue looking, then. I'm glad (albeit surprised) to hear that the footage is out there.

My real motive might take a moment to explain. I agree with much of how Larry has described it. I like to use the omote/ura explanation; I think the ura of aikido (greater awareness and sensitivity, interpersonal understanding, balance, etc.) to be far more valuable for most people in today's world than the omote (throwing and pinning people). But I don't think you can separate them, or say something like, "Hmm, today, I'm going to practice 20% omote, and 80% ura." As a result, I feel it important to investigate the application of aikido in various martial contexts, to better understand what sort of omote goals we might be striving for. Karate's omote might be hitting hard or with good timing; judo's omote might be throwing someone from a hands-on-shoulders range. Aikido's seems to be trapping at a bit farther than judo range, but it's not entirely clear what sort of context (e.g. attacks) this trapping is meant to happen with regard to.

So that's my motive, if that makes sense - trying to be sincere about my practice, lest I start trying to reap rewards without also doing "the hard part". If Ueshiba-sensei had come from a background of tea ceremony and dance, an "aikido" still might have developed, but it would not have the unique beauty that only a martial art can have.
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