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Originally posted by akiy
I think we each have to take responsibility to train in a safe manner both for others and for ourselves. Not recognizing nor acknowledging the dangers, however minute or slim, of serious injury or even death seems irresponsible to me. Accidents do happen, folks...

Only by being aware of the possibilities and training in such a way to minimize the risks can we actively prevent them to the best of our abilities.

-- Jun
I agree and nicely put. I dont think anyone deliberately seeks to injure another person. Aikido (and any martial art for that matter) training can be dangerous. Taking personal responsibility to be aware of the dangers and training safely and appropriately is the only sure way. IMHO, any dojo that doesnt promote a safe and effective training environment where aikidoka at all levels can train with each other to promote, foster, allow and nurture learning and development isnt worth staying with and doesnt live up to the principles laid down by O'Sensei.

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