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Changing Schools/ "styles"

Hello all, It's been a while since my last visit here and have a question that I think some may be able to answer. I currently hold the rank of I-Kyu in Nihon Goshin Aikido(Middletown N.Y. under Sensei Robert MacEwen). I have been on hiatus from training for about 1.5 yrs due to a severe shoulder injury at work and was told that continued training would hurt it further. Well as we all can surmise I didnt listen and attempted to train (bad move on my part) as the shoulder wasn't healing. Now to the question at hand.

Since my hiatus I have moved about an hour away from the dojo and have located one closer to home. Problem is (for me anyway) is that the school is a Traditional (Hombu) Dojo. Previous training had no emphasis on the Japanese names of or usage of weapons and I feel that although I have an understanding of the teqniques I will be like a lost puppy on the mat.

Another issue I see is that Nihon Goshin Aikido is a very "hard" style and I have heard that it is frowned upon in the more traditional circles. I dont want to walk into a school and be known as that guy that hurts people (although I have great "feel" of my uke) at least I think so. And a more traditional and softer style will not reinjure my shoulder.

I plan on speaking with the head instructor about my concerns tomorrow but I wanted to run this by the community here and see if anyone else here had these issues and how they made out. By the way the school I am looking at is here.. Any ideas on it?
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