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Re: MMA as catalyst for change in Aikido?

I would not say I agree with that hypothesis Ricky

I leave it to others to chop to pieces in our passive/agressive ways!

I would say that I can see his point of view. There is some truths. Aikido is an art that explores the duality of passive/agreesiveness/submissiveness/pacifism. It does look towards violence to achieve peace.

I would say, that for many, aikido can be cult-like and many carry the philosophy and follow things blindly to a degree of fundamentalism. I think this is true in just about all things religious, spiritual, philosophical in nature.

There are also many that are looking towards aikido making into something it is not as well. That is, they have expectations of the art that it simply will not fulfill no matter how much they really wish it would! Again, true of just about any group or practice.

I am not sure he is accurate with his definition of hypnotism though.

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