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Re: MMA as catalyst for change in Aikido?

The thing that always seems to get lost in these discussions is the Why you are doing what you are doing?
What is the endstate of your training?
What are the situations you are training for?

We all start making assumptions and talk in very general and macroscopic terms about MMA and aikido and how it works doesn't etc.

With respect to training...what is the "point of aim and the point of impact?" to use a shooting term.

I cover this when my guys start talking about training methodologies. What is the situation you see yourself in?

Is it Sport Fighting MMA?

Is it being jumped unsuspecting in an alley?

It is conducting a room clearing operation?

Is it arresting someone?

Is it the "gimme your wallet" scenario?

Is it the whole "I want to learn more about myself, peace and harmony thing?"

Is it the I just like doing it thing?

Once we have established this criteria, then we can more clearly look at the proper methologies, tactics, techniques, and procedures for training.

Other than that, we are only talking in very general terms upon which we can never agree.

Then once you define the endstate, you can then discuss the proper parameters, rules, constraints, control measures to put in place to best approximate what you want to train on.

It is never a one size fits all, or a one methodology is the way to go frame work.

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