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I would suggest NOT learning what yokomenuchi shiho nage was, and then doing it, during class, as the point is learning to watch what is done and be able to repeat the movements, recognizing that what you are seeing is yokomenuchi shiho nage, and telling yourself that, is OK, as long as your brain doesn't then shut off. I call this yudansha disease, noticible most often in senior students who, as soon as they partner up with you, give you a funny look and say 'now what are we doing?' Or similarly, who do a yokomenuch shihonage, just not the one sensei just did...

As for learning so you can practice later, you undoubtedly mean you want to practice the basic version that will be tested at your kyu level. Find a senior partner willing to spend a few minutes before or after class with you, and work on a technique from your test list. Take notes on what he taught you, the foot work, thumb up or down, etc, what ever helps you recall. Hopefully next to the name of the technique (on your list or in your notebook). Review this several times over the next few days. Then add another.

When I first started, I would be practicing the techniques with Harvey, my imaginary uke, in the hallways between patients, or out on the flight line on a maintenence delay, etc... and at home I'd put on music with a nice beat and practice...I still hear certain songs in my head when I do certain techniques. Well, OK, I still practice in the hallways, and still use music. But then, it has not been that long since I started...
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