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Bruce Baker
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Women in Aikido

Just a note.

Women and Men have different polarities within the body that sometimes make crosstraining with women to men difficult, giving techniques a different feel when done, woman to woman, or man to man.

There is clinical evidence, and testing being done in the field of polarity in the human body as it relates to KI/chi, and its effectiveness in Martial arts techniques. The physical effectiveness is Martial Arts is one thing that can be proved by math, but the actual energy of Ki/Chi is important to correctly train and feel techniques.

There are two or three different studies going on in Pennslyvania, some with Pressure Points, some at hospitals with Accupoints, and then some clinical diagnoses with electrical energy in the body being read as meridian flow by Accupressure people. There are at least three machines that are being used to read energy, where the man's energy is read one side as positive, and on the same side of a women as negative in relation to the chart recordings.

So this means, your teachers should be looking into modifying the techniques for changing Ki in certain situations, or women should train with women to feel the same effect as men training with men.

Those of you who have had no experience with training in Ki/chi, well ... this will become more and more a sore point as clinical evidence becomes more wide spread.

Until machines started to measure energy, Ki/ chi was merely thought to be heating up the blood in a combatant, a myth?

Within the next ten years, it will change the entire training regimen of all martial arts, including Aikido.

No wonder women always put the hurt on men when cross training? OUCH!!!
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