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Re: very interesting thus far!

Paul Sanderson-Cimino wrote: View Post
60+ years of multimedia?

I've never yet seen aikido being employed (successfully or not) against a live opponent. I've looked into DeLucia; he himself at most says he's used a couple of techniques. Meanwhile, he's pretty much the only one. I've seen that "Muay Thai Vs. Aikido" video, but that's light sparring at best; cooperative showboating at worst.

This is the central empirical problem. I can believe it working -- absolutely. But I have little evidence other than my own experience, which is mixed at best.
Then you need to keep looking. The emperical problem you refer to is based on a lack of knowledge and experiance. Despite numerous attempts by well meaning posters here to help you and tons of information availible about Aikido you are still unable to reach a conclusion?

Let's cut to the chase young man. What is your real motive?

William Hazen

PS. Yes 60+ years. There is film footage and print media of O'Sensei availible that dates back to the 1930s! Before he "started" Aikido. LOL

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