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Sherman Byas
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you better believe it!

Remember that aikido is a martial art. A few stories.

1. I entered the dojo a few minutes late. A beginning student had just been rushed to the hospital. In attempting to roll, he did it wrong and had to go under the knife for repairs on his shoulder.

2. One of my sensei told me that he was training in Greece and the mat was crowded and Jo was being practiced. Well, one guy was unfortunate enough to be struck twice in the head. Quote, "He was bleeding like pig."

3. Same Sensei, differnet occasion. He heard more than saw someone take a very high fall (improperly) rather roughly. After The X-rays showed a couple of broken ribs He never came back.

Let's not forget the various hard bumps, bruises, pulls strains and other mishaps that befall us as aikidoka.

"Let's be careful out there." What tv show?

ps. happy birthday to me! Dojo trdation says I'll have to take 36 (my age) falls before or after class 2night.
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