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Paul Sanderson-Cimino
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Re: Live tanto in grading

Chuck Clark wrote: View Post
If you're doing tanto dori with a live blade and no one gets just means that either the person with the tanto isn't really trying to cut or they aren't knowledgeable with a knife.
Reality FTW.

Yes, absolutely. Instead of using a live blade, why not just have uke attack as though it were really a sharp knife? Rather than using half-hearted sweeping motions and telegraphed thrusts.

I've often heard the story of someone going up for tantodori on a black belt test...and then seeing uke come out with a live (or at least dull metal) blade. You know what might be an even better surprise?

Uke walks up with a wooden tanto. They face each other and bow. They take up their stances. Uke moves forward -- and starts stabbing and slashing in an actual effort to strike nage.
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