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Grr! Re: MMA as catalyst for change in Aikido?

i think that aikido is so unafective to all those who post things saying that "it doesnt work in a sparring match" is for this reason. AIKIDO ISNT FOR SPARRING!!!! ITS FOR SELF-DEFENSE!!!! when ur in a fight ur not going to kick him lightly in the chest and then come in for a punch combo that grazes his face and chest! you are going to give a full-fledged attack! ur not going to panzi around it like in the fake fights of sparring. in a real life self defense situation you are going to nail him in the jaw, stunning him at the least, and then what can u do? put a lock on him, throw him, do something! thats what an utemi is for! so seriously, stop talking about the "unafective" when ur not even putting it to a real test!

and sorry for blowing up. but i cant tell u how many people have posted the same thing over and over and over saying how aikido sucks or doesnt work. it just pisses me off.
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