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Wanted for a Beginner: Information, Suggestions, ?

Hi All,

First, thanks for lots of interesting posts all over this forum. I just started practicing Aikido in February and I am still having a terrific time.

I am able to practice twice each week (sometimes 3x) and I would like ideas on things that I can do at home in between. So far, I have only thought of stretching exercises on our limited carpet space. These are helpful because at age 38 I am not as limber as in my "youth."

The promotion details in my dojo require at least 6 months of practice before testing for 5th kyu. I am not looking for shortcuts or anything but I am looking for information that might help me assimilate some of the technique names, etc. I am still at the stage where I wish that sensei would demonstrate twice as long as he/she does. I find that there is usually always something that I didn't pick up - uke footwork, nage footwork, nage hand positions, etc. Anyway, I think that if I knew what yokomen uchi shiho nage (for example) was, then I could concentrate on doing instead of wondering. I did attend my first testing session last week where four folks tested successfully for 3rd kyu. I found it an inspiration and am eager to get to the point where my instructor will ask me if I plan to test "next time."

Actually, any suggestions on how to keep this effort exciting and enjoyable without imposing too much burden on my family would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to continuing Aikido for a long time.

As an aside, for any other science fiction fans out there, my first introduction to Aikido was through Steven Gould's book "Helm." I like it a lot and my copy is currently on loan to one of my instructors.
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