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Re: MMA as catalyst for change in Aikido?

Brian Dewey wrote: View Post
.... once the Baby Boom Aikidoka begin to retire and/or no longer actively train...who will be taking their place? .....
The twenty-something Aikidoka. I've trained with twenty-somethings in a college club I sometimes go to -- there seem to be a lot of them, some of whom probably started in their teens. I've been to dojos with kids' classes. I'm not overly worried about it.

How will Aikido adapt in order to attract a generation blinded by the commercial hype of the MMA and competitive sportsfighting as being "true" martial arts?
How did it adapt and change to attract previous generations blinded by karate movies and ninja movies? How did it adapt to draw people away from Kung Fu. It didn't, and yet today there are millions of people doing it. And anyone who has srufed here long enough will read posts by people who do both MMA and Aikido.

I had a reality check: Online discussions/forthings/flame wars are not likely to affect the real world, where Aikido dojos are located. If they did, we'd now be in Howard Dean's first term.
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