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There is only one *TRUE* style of Aikido. . .

Now I know this has your attention and I know it will get a lot of views but I just want to pose and ask something to all who read:

The way I see it (and this is my opinion only so please no bite-backs on this one) there is only one style of Aikido, regardless of teacher, sensei, attacker, school etc, the only style is that of YOUR OWN. No one (or at least 99.9% can't) can emulate exactly what O'Sensei did, not everyone can fall the same, not all of us apply ikkyo/ikajo, kote gaeshi, shiho nage the same, but surely, if you get out of Aikido what you want, then is that not the true style? If you don't get what you want then you either change it, look for other guidance or move on, but is Aikido not just simply Aikido? The effectiveness etc is only really down to the individual (disregarding poor instruction/miscommunication on learning etc), the goals are down to the individual, the progression is down to the individual, so is not the style down to the individual also? Until you are at the level of the heiho sha (where I guess you develop your own art in some ways) are you not just doing your own thing (guided of course in different directions).

Aikido is Aikido - simple!

I hope I have got this across in as simplistic a way as possible and not ruffled anyone's feather as that was not the intention of the post, I have also tried to negate any/some backlashes with what lies in the brackets etc.

Just curious to see what people think on this one.


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