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Good remarks !! I've never seen the things in that way !

Indeed, Uke and Tori symbolize two faces of a same token. They can't be separated : neither Uke nor Tori can't pratice alone ; it's useless and ridiculous ! What happens in a dojo is the symbol of real life. So, it may be logical to assume that, in a fight (but also in real life), Uke and Tori switch each other all the time, Uke becoming Tori, Tori becoming Uke...

So, if the attacker seems not to be wise enough, and stop the fight before being badly hurt (or humiliated ), we could try a strike to make him notice, his way he does is a bad way . But this is like holding a two-edged sword . It's a game we can lose.

You disturbed my way of looking at the things and I don't know how to think any more ...

Mr. P

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