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Re: MMA as catalyst for change in Aikido?

Been on the Web since Mosiac and I have been in Technology for longer so I am a bit confused here.
If you're saying MMA maybe a catalyst for change because of the advent of the internet and the tendency for the MMA types to bad mouth anything not 'new" and "modern" then I don't think we have anything to worry about. I can't think of a single MMA Technique or Style of Fighting that has not been around since chimps started hitting and wrestling each other so nothing new there. In fact it's good for Aikido and will insure it's longevity.

"Why that's contrarian!"

Not really... I been in the martial arts since I was a boy Karate, Then Judo, Wrestled in High School... dabbled in the PKA a bit... have some experiance with Daito Ryu and now Aikido. When I got to Aikido I was looking for something different... More wholistic if you will that invloved body, mind, and spirit. there are other seekers out there in the MMA ranks as we speak like Jason Delucia and others who are "walking up the very same mountain." Some use Aikido, Some Kung Fu, others Koryu, Tae Kwon Do, Kali... whatever...You know these folks when you meet them. They have the "look" Contrary to Youtube and Google beliefs there are even a few traditional Gendai "Artists" Aikidoka, Judoka, and Karateka who hold thier own in Pride (which was just bought by the UFC gang). Sooner or later some of them will show up "looking for something different" and some of those folks will stay. I have seen folks spout about the forthcoming death of Aikido and complaining it does not work for years and yet somehow there is always someone (or two or three or four) who seems to like it... They practice hard... and excel as Aikidoka.

MMA has it's good points and I enjoy watching top athletes compete at an elite level. I am a big fan....However those who believe that somehow it is the be all and end all.... and... that all other arts must evolve in that direction or fade into oblivion are fooling themselves...

Those that also think youtube and google will somehow overrule direct experiance are even bigger fools

I humbly suggest you internet youngins puruse a copy of this here wood pulp and ink product (aka book) for a better understanding of why you should not think too highly of the present Google age.

The Authors have been there and done that ( both being former members of the Xerox PARC project) and lots of sharp folks rely on thier sagely observations about the ever morphing 'information age."


William Hazen

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