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Re: MMA as catalyst for change in Aikido?

Question: considering that the overwhealming majority of sportsfighting fans/MMA devotees are teenagers and 20somethings, many who also express their sentiments on the you think Aikido is going to experience a crisis in active membership in the next decade? That is, once the Baby Boom Aikidoka begin to retire and/or no longer actively train...who will be taking their place? How will Aikido adapt in order to attract a generation blinded by the commercial hype of the MMA and competitive sportsfighting as being "true" martial arts?
A difficult question to answer for sure!

There are many threads that have been discussed here on aikweb concerning the speculative future of aikido, internal skills, the impact of the internet, and MMA...all things which will influence some, and not others.

There are many factors that come into play in a person's decision to study martial arts. Studying both MMA and Aikido in the traditional sense, I can tell you I think there is room for traditional martial arts such as aikido, I think it is relevant as practiced, I also think that there is much to be learned from other methodolgies such as MMA.

Only time will tell.

I'd recommend reading some of George Ledyard's threads concerning the future of aikido, He has some very interesting insights.

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