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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Chinese Martial Arts and Aikido

I'd suggest that Chis Gee's (the thread starter) original comments are not quite accurate when he states that Daito-ryu was "not the only" art that contributed to Aikido, and then goes on to point out the internal Chinese arts of Xingyi and Bagua as other contributers.

Ueshiba got his internal skills only from Daito-ryu, as subsequent discussions on Aikido history have pointed out. However, those discussions also stated that it is very likely that DR and other Japanese arts with internal skills in turn received those internal aspects from Chinese sources that also provided the internal skills that became part of Xingyi and Bagua. In other words, all of these arts got their internal components from an earlier Chinese source. But Xingyi and Bagua themselves as discrete styles/systems did not in themselves contribute directly to Aikido.

Sorry, for the aside, Jennifer, but you did dredge up this old thread.

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