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Re: kata for ashi sabaki

Soon-Kian Phang wrote: View Post
Dear Professor Goldsbury,

I believe Kubota Sensei was a student of Tada Sensei, so the exercises I witnessed would be very similar to the those taught by Tada Sensei. Unfortunately, I missed Tada Sensei's annual seminars at Hombu Dojo while I was there

Would you happen to know of any on-line or book references to Tada Sensei's feet exercises?

Thank you
Sorry for the delay in replying. I have been away in Europe. I attended one of Tada Sensei's recent seminars at the Hombu and it was not so satisfactory. There were too many people and not enough time. Try his website at, where you have the choice of Italian or Japanese. I know of no book references and Tada Sensei is another Hombu Shihan, like the late Seigo Yamaguchi and Sadateru Arikawa, who is not keen on videotaping his training seminars.

Footwork is actually a crucial aspect of the aikido of all these three shihans, but Tada Sensei appears to be the only one who has attempted to teach it systematically and this is a relatively recent happening. I have mixed feeling about his teaching method.

Best wishes,

P A Goldsbury
Hiroshima, Japan
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