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Pete Rihaczek
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Re: The internal 'how to' thread... let's hope

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I left the whole post in quotes.

Pete, thanks for that great post! I agree completely. You said what I can't convey in words. It's worth re-reading.

Thanks again,
Hi Mark,

Thanks, I appreciate the compliment.

I think the existence of things like kokyo-tanden-ho in Aikido is a rather powerful indicator that you are supposed to be able to do exactly what the old Bagua guy is showing: taking the other person's balance without "blending" with some large movement like you're bullfighting, without grabbing and twisting anything on the other guy to control him, without any perceptible effort or movement. End of story. If you can't do that in every technique, if you can't immediately make anyone grabbing a hold of you lose their balance without outwardly seeming to do much of anything, consider the possibility that you don't really understand Aikido no matter what your rank is.

I strongly suspect that bearing witness to much aiki-bullfighting and joint twisting was what prompted Ueshiba to say, "that's not my Aikido." But, people are welcome to believe what they like, and good luck to all.

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