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Talking dead reckoning

I stand corrected. I do remember what one of the original "Mute Sempai" said to me. Something this last Monday about talking/typing on the aikiweb forum... believe me a lot is lost in the retelling. Point: sorry, that is private between the two of us, but remember that some of us talk to hear our own voice and some of us type our words for eye candy. That doesn't mean that I support having tongues pierced and fingers put into chinese finger cuffs (although those life styles are fine for some). Aikido is grey, just like life. I'm just trying to find out which shade of gray it is.
How's this: If I'm talking in practice for my partner, then I should talk. If I'm quiet in practice for my partner, then I should be quiet. If I'm doing either just to maintain my own illusions about myself, then I should consider the opposite.
That is what I wanted to validate. Not whether ear-muffs or audio-disks are better training equipment. That being said *smiles*, what are queues that you look for in deciding how to deal with a question? Can one trust that someone knows what is right for themselves? If one gives to another in good faith something other than what the supplicant wanted or expected, how often is that a better gift?

"One does not find wisdom in another's words." -James D. Chye
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