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Pete Rihaczek
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Re: The internal 'how to' thread... let's hope

Aran Bright wrote: View Post

I know you want to talk in specific exercises but if I could distract you with theory for one moment, would you agree that if you develop the global connection from head to toe but at the same time have a free 'power source,' such as the tanden, that can deliver power to any part of this connection, are you on the right track?

Hi Aran,

I think specifics are necessary, because general statements can be interpreted to mean anything the reader wants. What you're written covers everything from basic "relax and move from the center" to actual high level skill. In the beginning, every track is close to every other, so being on the right track itself isn't that meaningful. It's going a long way down the right track that counts, and that requires specifics.
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