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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

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Top judoka, boxers, etc don't compete in MMA,
That is false.

BJ Penn, Karo Pariysan, Jeff Monson, Royce Gracie, Akebono, Dan Severn, these are only the ones off the top of my head who were/are 'top' in their field before MMA. Several competitors were in the Olympics, as well as some being state wrestling champs and the like, that is, top martial artists of their geographical area.

As mentioned, the important point is that if one is claiming to not be able to be pushed over, they should demonstrate that in a live environment (MMA is only one example).

, skeptics actually investigate any claims they find dubious.
Actually, it is not about ones' opinion on it being dubious. I don't necessarily find the claims dubious, but interesting. If someone makes a claim that demands evidence, I'll ask for evidence. If that upsets some people, I suggest not making claims.

, unbiased people from this forum, with more experience and class than you, have vouched that this stuff indeed feels different than other things in their experience. Your dismissal of their reports is yet another instance of you insulting your betters and expecting no one to notice.
1 anecdote is the same as 1,000 anecdotes. 1,000 people saying something is 'weird' is not as good as one person making an actual video.

The video is (more) objective; peoples' reports are often not. That doesn't mean their reports are false- it is just that we have no way of knowing. Please understand the difference.

There is not a single person on this board who would bet a rusty nickel that you would step up yourself for any sort of unbiased investigation.
If I make claims of being unmovable or being able to use my skills for more efficient body movement, then you might have a point to ask for a test.



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