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Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

There is something very pure about aikido, and just observing from the mat I realised this as a novice. It sparked an interest in the culture it came from and from this point I learned about meditation. In medidation we learn to abandon our day to day thoughts and clear our minds and allow the natural state of our peaceful mind to regain the centre. Like aikido this is not easy. It takes practice. but the martial advantage of a clear mind is you focus on the situation in hand and not the outcome such as fear or anticipation. Clarity is the aim which assists your actions. If you can keep a clear mind it is beneficial in areas of our life , not just in the dojo, or outside. The samurai realised this and trained their minds as well as in technique. In a multiple attack we all come undone because we think too much. It makes us rigid and slow, so knowing that this happens I would endorse anyones decision to look into this tried and tested method of training. Go along to a meditation class, find a good teacher, I'm sure you will find it interesting.
Hope this helps.

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