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Eric Winters
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Re: Atemi

Hi everyone,

This is my first post in 5 years. I never took the poll but i would have to say that atemi is 90% of aikido. That doesn't mean you have to deck someone everytime you do a technique. But you should be in a position to do an atemi. I also believe that atemi should not interrupt the flow of the technique too much. It basically should flow naturally with the movement through the technique and still be strong. I have practiced striking arts before and I'm currently studying krav maga in addition to aikido. If nage knows how to throw a good strike it should make your technique stronger. I found out something interestiong about a month ago. I was training with one of the students at my dojo and throwing clear strong atemi. At some point during our training together I stopped doing atemi entirely. After a few techniques done without atemi my partner told me that it still felt like I was doing the atemi. This leads me to believe that if you know the aikido technique well enough, you know how to perform strikes correctly and you know where the openings for atemi within the technique, the nage will not need the physical atemi as much. (but physical atemi will still be very important) For non-physical atemi to work you have to have the strong intention and know how to do it.

Have a great day and fun training,

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