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Re: The internal 'how to' thread... let's hope

I wanted to add an exercise the Koretoshi Maruyama teaches in a effort to help expand on the "how to" component of this thread.

It is a way to teach unbendable arm, slightly different to the visualisation method, more of a kinesthetic method.

Firstly, support the weight of someone's outstretched arm, completely, you can test this by letting the arm drop if it stays there or pauses before dropping it is not completely relaxed.

Secondly, gently massage the triceps muscle by rubbing from the shoulder to the hand. Get the partner to concentrate on the feeling of the triceps being stimulated, this may take a minute but test for unbendable arm, softly at first. Unbendable arm will slowly come.

The receiver's arm needs to be supported in a relaxed out stretched position whilst stimualting the triceps, the recievier needs do no more than just focusing on the feeling.

Another interesting exercise with unbendable arm is how to break it; not literally. Firstly check your partner has unbendable arm, then place the palm of your hand under the blade of your partners. Gently drag the flesh, on the bottom of their handblade, away from your partner's shoulder (taking up the slack) and in an arc move the hand toward the shoulder. This should be quite easy, that slight tug on the partner's skin whilst moving in an arc should be able to 'break' the most unbendable of arms.

Another variation is to pull on the little finger and again move in an arc bringing the little finger to the shoulder.

I'm interested hear what results people get from trying these.


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