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Re: Internal strength in bowling, fencing, golf, etc.

Mike Haft wrote: View Post
It does lead to an interesting discussion. No I don't think that's what should be done, but politeness is still politeness even if you leave out the 'respect me so I don't lose face' thing. Maybe that's just my native Englishness coming out against your American-ness, who knows? Either way I probably agree with you more than disagree.

I'm still waiting for something substantive in terms of a "how to". Your Englishness is kewl and I've been interested to hear about your deeds and your teachers and the flaws of other peoples' personalities, but while I see a lot of nods and "we do that, too", I don't see anything else (well, unless you count repeating back Tohei's easily found vaguenesses).

If you know these things, you can explain them in common terms (even if you opt out of doing mathematical analyses). I gave a good solid and fairly complete answer to you yesterday on keeping the undeside heavy. Now, how about explaining the physical how-to's of O-Sensei bouncing someone back who is pushing on his chest. The answer should be able to tell us a lot about what you do.


Mike Sigman
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