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Re: Internal strength in bowling, fencing, golf, etc.

Mike Haft wrote: View Post
I'd say it is entirely possible that they are being mis-informed and/or defensive and you are being self-righteous. Of the two of those I'm not entirely sure which one I would rather be all things considered. It's not a pretty situation to be in.
OK, so if someone knows what he's supposed to know (in the example I used of Kevin meeting a MMA group), and the "teachers" don't know what they're supposed to know, Kevin is "self-righteous" if he tries to offer something? I see.

But add this to the equation.... Kevin is not taking money/loyalty from students, but these "teachers" are. I.e., if I were a student and my teacher blew off anyone who tried to mention something that was critical to MY ultimate learning, I'd be concerned. As a student, I would take great comfort in a situation like this where I could see the my teacher opted to do what was best for me, the student. That's a real teacher.

In fact.... that's exactly what Ikeda Sensei did for his students.

What I think this "rude", "arrogant", "self-righteous" stuff means is that a number of self-styled teachers want "respect" because they're teachers, but they want if from people who can see clearly that there is something basic missing from the teachers knowledge. "Be helpful silently and respect me so that I don't lose face". Is that what you think should be done? It leads to an interesting discussion.

I've already said that if it were me and I had reasonable evidence that I was missing something, I'd just arrange to go see, go get it, etc.. I wouldn't get into these "respect me" discussions. But then, that's my perspective.

Mike Sigman
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