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Re: The internal 'how to' thread... let's hope

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Yep, nice little dig there. I don't know much, so therefore what I see will impress me. Kind of funny, really. Because in that, you have lumped together quite a few of us: Ron, Mark C., Murray M., Rob L., Erik, etc, etc, etc. And we all have backgrounds in more than just aikido. But hey, what do we know? We're easily impressed because of how we think and what we don't know. Or perhaps, it was just me? I was more impressed than the others because I don't know much. Well, shoot, why not just ask all the others how impressed they were? Heh, and good luck with that. I've already talked and met quite a few of them. I know the answers. I know the backgrounds. And I'm in good company.

C'mon, that was never intended to be a dig at you personally, more a comment about the fact that a LOT of the Ki Soc exercises and methods are very poorly understood outside of the ki aikido community and easily misconstrued. If you want to take it as a personal attack then fine, but I certainly wasn't trying to single you out personally nor anyone else, you've just chosen to take it that way.

I'll say no more about it, it'd be a pointless digression.


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