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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

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a huge leap of faith
Science does not work on faith.

We have some facts. We have the fact that this kind of movement is different. We have the fact that you can develop this kind of movement. We have the fact that you can show off this kind of movement in unique ways. We might even be close to having the fact that this kind of movement might be better for your body then raw strength (would need some studies to back this up).

We need evidence to create facts. So far I've seen "It works for me". Unfortunately that is not evidence. A lot of this thread is opinion based. For example, I have seen the ki skills of my aikido teacher. I do not find it useful for my pursuits of mma/bjj. The response to my opinion is no doubt that he does not have the real internal skills, thus I must be stupid. See, this is what happens with opinions, we can have different ones because of completely different experiences.

Unfortunately the world of martial arts is full of wishful thinking, fakes, and other issues I dare not speak of. It has reached a point where I refuse to have faith in anything marital art related. It is either proven, or it's crap. It's not that I even think this stuff is fake, however, I must remain consistent to insure safety from charlatans.

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